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How AVG antivirus protects from Trojan horse?

AVG antivirus is the software that is used for the protection of internet-connected devices like Laptops, Mac, PC, Operating System, and Android Phones. It can be installed through This antivirus gives world-class protection against all kinds of cyber threats like malware, viruses, Trojans, rootkits, and also against ransomware. Hackers make new techniques to attack the user device and steal information; on the contrary, AVG timely introduces updates that come with more security patches to deal with the hacker's new techniques of attacking.

What is a Trojan horse?

Trojan horse is a malicious program that pretends to be harmless and will try to trick you into installing it. It remains unnoticed because it sits on your computer and collects information and makes holes in the security of your computer.

What Trojans do?

Some collective actions that Trojan does are as follows:

1. Creating Backdoors:

It makes changes in your computer security system so that hackers can put malware in your devices and spread the virus and collect information. 

2. Spying:

Some Trojans are designed like Spyware, they enter into your computer when you access your online accounts and enter your private information like credit card details and bank details and then Trojans steal your information when you enter your password.

3. Turn your computer into Zombie:

Sometimes hackers use your computer as a slave in a network under their control.

4. Sending costly SMS messages:

Sometimes Trojans enter into your Smartphone, and in this way, they send expensive SMS messages to premium numbers for making money.

How can you check that your computer is with Trojan Malware?

1. Check Your Installed Programs:

As Trojans gives way to the hackers to download other malware in your system. So it is advised that check your installed program to see that something extra does not download on your computer. If you recognize something that you have not downloaded in your device, that means that your computer is infected with Trojan. This malware adds the additional program behind your back. 

2. Check your Startup Software:

All Trojans are not visible in the program list. To know more, hold the Window key + R to bring up the Run menu. Then type Regedit and click enter. Then click HKEY_CURRENT_USER and expand the Software folder. In this, you can see all the software you have installed, if you find anything which is dangerous, and then you can delete it.

3. Check your Computer performance:

Because of the programs running at the back of your computer, your computer performance will automatically get slow. So, you must check your computer performance.

4. Get an Antivirus:

If your laptop has Trojans, then you must install AVG antivirus in your device through because it was reliable and compatible with all methods. It protects your system from Trojan malware, which is hidden in your computer system. It scans the entire data of your device and gives the latest security patches. 

As you came to know that Trojan malware hides in your computer without your permission, so for the proper protection of your device, install in your device. It gives protection from all threats, and it also provides excellent technical support to its users.


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